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Environmental system establishment training

The modern industrial civilization bring convenience and comfortable life for the human being, it also brings greater challenges on the human living environment as well; the most prominent contradiction embodied the economic development and the environmental protection, the human health and safety issues.

Yingkaimo is the industry leader with a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, that has been practicing the environmental system standards. In July of this year, the company identified the revised version of ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system plan, the new system will be more suitable to the actual enterprise’s operation than the old version.

On August 2nd and August 12th, the company invited the Wang Zhigang professor of the Fangyuan Certification (Shandong) Co., Ltd, to rise the training of the new system, for the basic team and management personnel in Dezhou and Anping factory respectively.

The professor Wang Zhigang combined effectively the new environmental system terms and requirements, and the practical work of the business management; Typical cases were interspersed in the training process, And advanced and practical management tools, methods, ideas were fully lectured, which make the learners in the training can have an easier understanding for the new version of the system, and correspond easily the content of the terms to the work practice. During the training, Professor Wang contrasted the new version and the old version of the system standard, making the participants more easily understand and accept.

Through the certification training of the new version of the environmental system, the employees understand the system-related requirements, and strengthen the determination that YKM will continue to implement the environmental protection. The environmental management system certification is not only to obtain a certificate, but should pay more attention to penetrate environmental awareness, behavior into every aspect of the work. Through the joint efforts of all employees to reduce environmental pollution, to contribute to a meager power for protecting the Earth's environment.