The process and praise decision on the improvement of F customers

Historical review

In the mid July of 2017, F customer feedback that each roll of epoxy coated mesh has three joints, 5-6 segments were scraped in the production process. And mesh oblique, the connections should be improved. The customer proposed requirements for improvement to reduce the waste of joint pleating and the connection mode. The customer's on-site feeding device is changed from the original manual one to the mechanical one. Hoped that the YKM can provide a larger roll and reduce the change.

On July 18th, receiving customer's feedback, Yang Lintao, assistant to the director of Dezhou factory, and Wang Yanjing, manager of the quality department, visited the F customers.

On July 22nd, manager Wang Yanjing, presented the company's improvement report to the customer, and listed the submission plan of the sample improvement and the preliminary verification results. At the same time, replied to customers that due to the current equipment ability, after testing, temporarily unable to provide sample with bigger roll size; And will continue to follow up the improvement and inform the progress to the customer at any time.

On August 15th, two rolls of improved sample with 139mm width were submitted to the customer, together with the test report for connection with fiber tape and yellow cotton thread, and ask the customer for confirmation.

On August 22nd, the customer tested the improved samples and feedback that the improvement is effective. And required to provide two kinds of wide strip test. If they were tested a good result. YKM would be required to submit change application, and support the customer to complete the change in the system. At the same time, YKM’s Production and the Technology department were also checking each specification with its suitable weight.

On August 25th, Shi Jie of the Technology Department responded experimental data by measuring length / weight / efficiency of the customer's product.

On August 29th, manager Wang Yanjing communicated with customer, and knew that the customer needed changes of the adhesive tape connection urgently; Mr Wang attached three related drafted documents , and confirmed the samples synchronously with the customer. YKM production provided the completion time and the Logistics provided the schedule. The sample requirements were listed in the< test results verification tracking>; Then Production and Logistics track. The R & D center is responsible for following up the production process of the sample, and updating the customer’s requirements in the internal technical documents after the change.

On September 6th, the manager of Wang Yanjing submitted to the customer three appendages of the adhesive tape connection changes application.

On September 7th, the customer responded to the test of M12000036 products. "Too small sample size is not enough to reflect the overall verification situation, which has not highlighted the strong correlation of improvement. Adhesive tape bonding also have other problems to be solved. The adhesive force of the tape is associated with the area of the adhesive! Whether it is possible to calculate the unit cohesive area and solidify it, it is necessary to take different bonding area for different mesh width. Otherwise, there will be a problem of fracture in mass production. "

In response to customer feedback, the Yang Lintao assistant replied the mail, YKM found the reason, and discussed the new splicing equipment with the supplier for the solution.

On October 19th, customer feedback that the submitted change application has been a success through the customer's system, and statistics of all product inventory to change. According to the customer's verification on the feasibility of adhesive tape, the comparison between the new 5 rolls samples and the original 5 rolls of products, the improvement has good effect, and scrap rate save 38% than that of the original.

In response to customer’s feedback, Yang Lintao assistant has made subsequent arrangements, including process related documents change / training, operation instruction, statistics of the inventory, changing schedule from old higher wastage production to newly lower wastage , and make the identification mark in future shipment.

On November 2nd, the changes in the related process documents were completed in accordance with the company's process.


 From customer’s feedback, YKM Dezhou factory team, led by the assistant of Yang Lintao. Supported with internal and external communication and coordination by quality manager Wang Yanjing, process related documents, standards, test, by R&D team, sample production and improvement by epoxy production; Finally won the customer's affirmation.

 As a typical case of customers work improvement in recent years, Dezhou plant response timely after receiving the feedback, and quickly submit the improvement report, while communicating with customers, the internal quick action on sample production and testing, continuous revision of process documents and calculation of data. After received approval of the sample, in the process of subsequent switching, the situation of inventory, the identification and the update of the process documents were arranged systematically.

 The improvement project has achieved a better expected effect, on the one hand, it reflects that the Yingkaimo, as excellent supplier, is able to solve problems for customers; On the other hand, the long-standing problems in the running process are solved for the customers, so that the customer has reduced the cost greatly, and improved the production efficiency. YKM improved the customer satisfaction. At the same time, it also reflects the Yingkaimo’s service concept that committed to provide technical solutions for customer.

Praise and Reward decision

According to , the provisions of the administrative reward method states, "people that save the material or reduce the cost, with better effects", will be rewarded and notified in the whole company.

It is hoped that every project team and all staff members will take the opportunity to make quick response and active organization on the current work and projects, so that the work effect can help companies or customers effectively to reduce costs and expenses, and improve production & operation efficiency and customer satisfaction.